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SKU: Time16

Wood, cyanotype, acrylic paint, collage

32x21 cm 


2020, and our world changed with a global pandemic caused by the Covid 19
virus. It slowed our lives, made us take stock. In the UK people of all ages had
to work from home. Children had to be taught at home by their parents. People
had to isolate and for some, sadly, hospitalised. The death toll rose and our
NHS was overwhelmed. We were fearful, scared.
We took solace in nature. Allocated an hour’s daily walk in the park, we revelled
in the sights and sounds of nature. Those fortunate enough to have gardens had
the time to sit and really absorb the sights and sounds of birds and plants, to
appreciate the natural world which flourished during Lockdowns.
Although the pandemic isn’t over, things are slowly getting back to what we
would consider as normal, the hustle and bustle of life. My ‘Time’ work is a
reminder, inspired by the poet W.H. Davies, that we need to value being in tune
with nature for the good of our mental health and, more globally, climate

  • My career pathway was teaching Art and Design at Secondary level, becoming Head of Art & Design and Head of the Creative Arts Faculty. Since retirement, which I see simply as a change of direction, I have focussed of pursuing the development of my own work.
    My interests are varied and inform my work. I am inspired by science and the natural world. Much of my work focuses on the beauty of the natural world and our impact upon it. I am interested in the power of art to highlight our human condition. I also enjoy the written word and am inspired by poetry. During Lockdown, I have worked with a Lincolnshire poet, gaining inspiration from each other on our weekly Zooms. I have used textiles for much of my work in the past, I made a printed textile sculpted figure for an exhibition called ‘Replaced Lives’ at The Peltz Gallery and intend to take this method further in a current project. My main focus now is printmaking using a variety of techniques. I print at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, where I have access to a wonderful old Columbian press and also a Rochat press. I enjoy the exchange of ideas working alongside other printmakers. I participate in supporting charities via my artwork, in particular the National Brain Appeal and Prostate Research. I belong to a local printmaking exhibition group which exhibits widely in the South East including Reading, Henley, Bracknell, Oxford, Guildford, Greenham, Runnymede and Thatcham. I have also exhibited at the Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck College, London. Each year, I participate in the International Print Exchange and 20/20 Hotbed Print Exchange. I have sold work both in the UK and internationally

    SOCIAL: jan_bastow

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