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Trashcat Artist Print by Valerie Breshears

Trashcat Artist Print by Valerie Breshears


Artist Print



In this whimsical photo, Trashcat, a mischievous feline explorer, perches atop a playground dragon with an air of playful curiosity. Against the backdrop of the playground's vibrant colors and intricate structures, Trashcat gazes out with wide eyes, embodying the spirit of adventure and discovery. The dragon's sculpted features, with its open mouth and arched tail, provide a dynamic backdrop for Trashcat's playful antics, inviting viewers to join in the fun and imagination of this unexpected encounter.


"My photography aims to capture the essence of allure through bold and daring imagery. By embracing unconventional perspectives and pushing the boundaries of traditional beauty standards, I seek to evoke a sense of fascination and intrigue in the viewer. Each photo is meticulously crafted to challenge perceptions and celebrate the multifaceted nature of allure, inviting the audience to explore the depths of human expression and emotion."



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