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Untitled Original by Lisa Robinson

Untitled Original by Lisa Robinson


60 x 50 cm

Oil and Alkyd on Canvas


Untitled forms part of a continuing series of work inspired by the interior and architectural details. All of my work is based on an interest in the possibilities of paint, Untitled continues this trend by experimenting with opaque and translucent paint and using tape to reveal hidden layers.


"Lisa Robinson's work reconfigures and transforms the habitats she occupies, appropriating and translating these spaces into paint. A metamorphism takes place, changing the source material from recognisable forms into something less nameable. The interior, urban spaces, film and architectural details are often used as starting points. The paintings develop by responding to each mark made, with the end result being unpredictable. The work remains Untitled, to allow the viewer to freely translate the relationship of the forms and gestures. Lisa studied at Manchester School of Art, gaining First Class Honours in BA Fine Art Painting, and has completed a year on the Turps Correspondence Course under the tutelage of Tim Renshaw. Her work has been exhibited nationally and has been shortlisted for the New Lights Art Prize, ING Discerning Eye Prize, and she was a recipient of The Joan Day Painting Bursary. "

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