Siba Carrick

Acrylic and resin



Us Unearthed, is a set of two pieces of artwork. Even though the movement of paint can bare resemblance to our being created within the environmental parameters of a petri dish. These unconventional figures have been unearthed from the painters’ travels within the petri dish and represent the diversity of our being.



I am a Hertfordshire based artist working mainly with acrylics. In addition to other art styles, I experiment with fluid art; bringing my work to life by embellishing what I see in the way the paint moves, settles, and how the colours interact. I studied art and design and worked as a graphic designer for many years before a complete career change, Since then I have dipped in and out of painting and selling my artwork, fitting it around whatever life has thrown at me along the way. 



Us Unearthed

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  • All petri dishes will not be released for shipping until after the Petri Dish Project physical exhibition. If you would like it before then please contact for arrangements.