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End of August 2021, you find me just about to finish my MA in Fine Art at UCA Canterbury. It hs been an interesting 2 years with lockdown thrown in the middle of my Studies.

My main work during the last 2 years includes Inflatable sculptures, Sketches, paintings and photography

I have influences like Piet Mondrian, Sol LeWitt, Daniel Buren and Claes Oldenburg to name but a few.

you could say I take my influences from modernism and post modernism. some abstraction too. I like colour but very minimal.

I play with soft sculpture, maleable and playful acts.

The last couple of years, my own struggle with depression and anxiety has contributed to my work and just started bringing it out in my work. tackling it with art. My other theme has been what it means to be 'Human' what happens when you don't see yourself as perfect. or classed as perfect. how that effects us in our life. when we are told we are not good enough, or labeled different.

at the end of the day we are still human and should be treated as such.

Images are a snapshot of the work I have done, starting with current degree show work first

Titled; Isolation. which was bourne out of lockdown depression, anxiety, being restricted, caged by your own mind.

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