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Denise Johansen is a multi-media artist whos' practice is currently focused on Ceramics ,and how this practice can relate to assisting with mental health and wellbeing through the senses of sight and touch. Inspired by the natural world Denise has incorporated elements found in the environment around her, in particular her own back garden where she practices mindfulness and grounding for her own mental well-being. Through the exploration of texture and pattern in nature, Denise has achieved a collection of ceramic forms that are purposefully interactive with the viewer and that evoke a sense of calm and mindfulness. She has created a re-occurring motif which portrays circles to represent continuity and wholeness. Denise believes that, through the hand building of ceramic forms, it adds a connection between viewer and maker which is being lost through the mass manufacture of items today. The use of colour in Denises work is a vital part of the holistic approach to her work. She feels that the colour found in the environment around us is an important tool in the maintenance of mental well being in people today.

Denise Johansen

Denise Johansen

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