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I work with drawings, textile and sometimes other objects.

I make work to show you my world, looking outwards and inwards.

A key theme in my work is memory and the role of forgetting in the life-story we tell ourselves. My family photographs don’t intersect much with my memories, as though they were documenting someone else’s life. But everything shaped me even if there were no photographs. And gaps make room for re-interpretation, re-examination and re-imagining.

That led to my interest in multiple narratives and versions. As a twin, my life has been full of multiple narratives derived from the same experiences.

Rediscovery has become a stronger theme in my work, re-connecting me with my studies in Classics and Greek Archaeology, a subject area defined by loss, recovery and re-discovery. What first interested me as a child was the idea that you could reconstruct something from silent fragments, often of everyday items.

Most of life consists of the apparently ordinary and mundane, which when viewed from another angle or another time is revealed to be extraordinary. You just have to find that other angle, that other time and place.

My textile work uses felt, the most basic fabric, transforming individual wool fibres, into a new material with its own character. My process is based on constructing and re-constructing, re-imagining at each stage what my materials can do.

As I circle round these themes of forgetting, re-discovering, constructing and re-constructing, I bring to light more of my world.

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Su Bonfanti

Su Bonfanti

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