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Art Prize 2022 Winner

Asia Nowicki

Tebbs International Art Prize winning solo exhibition presenting the evolving journey of Ophelia the octo muse. 
Octopus… creature of transformation. Nine brains, three hearts and blue blood. 
Woman… complex creature of the world. Nine brains, three hearts, blue blood. 
Aliens of the sea.
A sculpturally performative trypophobically embracing collection of work exploring a shifting sense of psychological space, womanhood / motherhood / sisterhood, and power.



An interest in gender psychology and the Dark Feminine is playfully explored through
a sculpturally performative co-dependent enmeshment between art and artist, in
which boldness and feminine ferocity reigns.
The manipulation of everyday household objects such as curtain hooks, plastic wine
glasses and metal washers, along with traditional DIY and art materials such as
expanding foam, modroc, liquid latex and ink, unite to create a rebirth of the

Obsessive meticulousness works alongside visceral fleshification, wherein perfectionmeets a trypophobia embracing imperfection.Sculptural objects emerge as creatures, which develop through performativedocumentation of their interaction with space / artist. They later go through adissection process, in which elements of the objects are isolated, collated anddigitally manipulated to create a redefinition of the subject to develop an evolvingnarrative.The creatures / objects perform, extend, warp, reformulate, fragment, articulate andmultiply....

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