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The Tebbs International Art Prize 2023 

Once submission fee is paid download the form below, fill in and send off within 24hours of payment. Send to


The Form

The Prizes

The Tebbs International Art Prize Award: Winner:
£3,500 of prizes, comprising £500 cash prize award, and solo exhibition of a collection of your artworks in Tebbs gallery space, London for June 2023.

The Tebbs International Art Prize Award: Runners Up:
2x £500 of prizes, comprising £500 cash prize award to each.



12x shortlisted artists with get a free group exhibition in London.

The Tebbs International Art Prize Award 2023 will be awarded to the artist that shows skilful artworks with interesting conceptions, execution and potential. The award is open to national and international artists from any country that are over 18. We believe all artwork deserves to be seen no matter the artists' prerequisites or career path.

Tebbs’ aim focuses on everyone deserving affordable equal opportunities without elitest prejudice and creating international artistic collaborations. This space is ran by an artist FOR artists.

Main Entry Details:
- There is no restriction on the artist regarding training or nationality. You may enter from any country and can be based in any country however you must be over 18.
-  All types of art are accepted for this competition. 
- The artist must not have exclusive representation to enter this art competition.
- Artwork size must be less than 200cm x 200cm x 50cm for artworks to be hung on the wall, and less than 150cm x 150cm x 200cm for sculptures. Image files should be at least 2000 x 2000 pixels in size and the file size should be under 20Mb. 
- You must pay for your entry via the website at and then email the entry form and images of the artwork within 48hours. Please select the correct payment option and enter your name in the notes. Wrong payment option may not be refunded and application may be disqualified.
- Entry Fee is free for artists with annual membership, £10 for monthly memberships and students, and £20 for everyone else. If you wish to pay in any other currency you are welcome to via WixPayments or PayPal.

- To enter under the conditions of a free entry, the artist must have an active annual artist subscription at the time of entering. To enter under the conditions of concessions, the artist must either have a monthly artist membership subscription or be a student at time of application and until the announcement of those shortlisted in January 2023. If applicant cancels membership or is no longer a student before this date they understand they forfeit their application without refund.

Key dates are below:
1 April 2022: Open for Entries.
31 October 2022: Final closing date for Entries. Please enter as early as possible so we ask for errors to be fixed and work with you to correct them, as we can't accept corrections after this date.
January 2023: Shortlisted artists announced and artworks to be delivered to Tebbs gallery space. 
February 2023: Shortlisted entries will be exhibited in the Tebbs gallery space for final judging.
February 2023: Prize winners will be announced to the public.

June 2023: Winners exhibition will be open to the public at Tebbs gallery space

June/July 2023: Winner to collect artworks from Tebbs.

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