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Terms and Conditions

The Tebbs International Art Prize Award:

If you have any queries, please contact us at or email us at

The artist must be over 18 and must not be represented.The artist can submit up to 3 different artworks, of any medium including paintings, photography, mixed media, sculpture, new media, video, film, sound, etc.The artist must be the owner of the submitted artworks and the work(s) submitted are of your own origination. The artist indemnify Tebbs of any investigations and lawsuits  due to copyrights. 


To enter under the conditions of a free entry, the artist must have an active annual artist subscription at the time of entering. To enter under the conditions of concessions, the artist must either have a monthly artist membership subscription or be a student at time of application and until the announcement of those shortlisted on January 15th 2023. If applicant cancels membership or is no longer a student before this date they understand they forfeit their application without refund. 

The entry fee is non-refundable. The Artist must check the Terms & Conditions carefully and any other criteria. 

By submitting the entry form, you accept that if successful the selected artwork must be physically available for exhibition.  Tebbs will contact you to confirm the artwork's availability when confirming the shortlist.

The Artist agrees to allow Tebbs to share details from the entry form with Tebbs socials. This includes submitted personal data limited to full name, website, social media profiles. We will not give out sensitive data such as mobile number, email, address, age.

The Artist, upon submitting their entry and payment, is restricted in selling or exhibiting the artwork themselves until they are invited to be Shortlisted, and The Artist will be contacted by Tebbs specifically to check this. The artwork must remain available to exhibit for the shortlist group exhibition. We ask you that you notify us if it is sold or changes ownership, or changes in any way. The entry fee is non-refundable, and in doing this you will have your application forfeited from consideration by Tebbs.

Once The Artist has submitted their entry form and made payment, no changes or additions will be allowed. 

Tebbs may promote artwork from each confirmed and correct application by the Artist, at its sole discretion, and as long as the image doesn't violate any social media platform's terms and conditions of use (e.g. explicit images, offensive, nudity, extreme violence, etc.). Tebbs reserves the right to adjust images for censoring purposes in order to not violate the terms and conditions of social media platforms.

Tebbs endeavours to take care of your artwork, but will not be liable for any loss or damage to any artworks physically submitted at any point, however caused, whether in transit to and from the exhibition, or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking, exhibition or in any period in which the work is in Tebbs's keeping. Tebbs strongly recommends that the artist should get all relevant insurance for physical exhibitions in case anything happens to the artwork and the artist indemnifies Tebbs from any damages. The Artist must not execute any sales without permission from Tebbs while in exhibition. Tebbs will take payment from the buyer of the artwork and will pay you (minus the 20% commission on total sale price + any transfer fees) within 30 days of the artwork being in possession of the buyer and receipt from the buyer of the proceeds of sale whichever is the later.
You accept that if shortlisted then all work selected will be exclusively consigned to Tebbs, available for sale in the exhibition(s) and on Tebbs website until the end of the competition or the artwork is collected by you, and that Tebbs  will take a commission of  20% of the total sale price.

The Artist will not hold Tebbs liable for any cancellation of events or physical exhibitions. Tebbs will confirm status of the exhibition with The Artist if they are being considered for the shortlist. Tebbs will endeavour to increase promotion of The Artist if they are shortlisted in the event of cancellation of events or physical exhibitions.


Tebbs has the right to cancel physical exhibitions and transfer exhibitions online at any point with 5 days notice to the artist.

Once registered for this competition, all Artists agree that Tebb, may reproduce the Artists' work for purposes of marketing, promotion, discussion and education, only in relation to the The Tebbs International Art Prize Award or promotion of the Artist. Tebbs also reserve the right to reproduce selected images for non–commercial purposes.

The Artist agrees to be placed on Tebbs email newsletter lists for email newsletters and any other information that we may send you and grant full permission in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Artist reserves the right to opt out of this at any time.


There is no restriction on the artist regarding training or nationality. You may enter from any country and can be based in any country however you must be over 18.


All types of art are accepted for this competition. 


The artist must not have exclusive representation to enter this art competition.


Artwork size must be can be any size. Image files should be at least 2000 x 2000 pixels in size and the file size should be under 20Mb. 


You must pay for your entry via the website at and then email the entry form and images of the artwork within 48hours. Please select the correct payment option and enter your name in the notes. Wrong payment option may not be refunded and application may be disqualified.


Entry Fee is free for artists with annual membership, £12 for monthly memberships and students, and £20 for everyone else. If you wish to pay in any other currency you are welcome to via WixPayments or PayPal.


To enter under the conditions of a free entry, the artist must have an active annual artist subscription at the time of entering. To enter under the conditions of concessions, the artist must either have a monthly artist membership subscription or be a student at time of application and until the announcement of those shortlisted. If applicant cancels membership or is no longer a student before this date they understand they forfeit their application without refund.

The image(s) and the completed entry form(s) must be submitted via email, using the submission form on this website. The email is:


The payment must be submitted prior to the entry form via the website shop. The website link is 

The image(s) and completed submission form must be submitted and payment be made by the stated final Deadline. Entries received late will be invalid unless the competition is extended for any reason, when entries received after then but before the new extended date will be valid.

Tebbs may change details at any time and will be updated on the website within a week of any changes. 

For new media, video and sound art, you can submit a file of no more than 100Mb in size. We recommend you submit a still image and then put a link to the video or sound file in the application form. This link can be to a website location, Vimeo link, YouTube link, or a WeTransfer link that we will download.

For image files, please ensure they are at under 20Mb in size and at least 2000 x 2000 pixels in size (we don't look at dpi). The image must be a JPEG or PNG file.  All work that has been shortlisted must be available for sale solely and exclusively through Tebbs while exhibited. Work that is not for sale may be permitted to be Shortlisted for this competition. The Artist will receive a confirmation email within 30 days of submission or an email detailing any errors in the submission or with the payment. If paying the submission fee via Card or PayPal, The Artist will receive a receipt from them and can record the Transaction ID to query any issues. Tebbs do not issue invoices for entry payments. The Organiser will confirm every payment received via email within 2 weeks of the final deadline.Within 30 days after entry and Tebbs having received the entry fee (whichever is later), we will confirm (via email only) you have entered correctly. If you don't receive an email then contact us after the 30 day period of payment.If there are any issues, please contact us via email specifying the email and full name you used in the entry form, along with full details of the issues. We will endeavour to respond within 7 days.



Shortlisted artworks must be sent by the dates given via email. This information will be given to The Artist in full in the email confirming he or she has been shortlisted. Artworks delivered late will not be judged. 


After the judging for the winner of the shortlist on the private viewing of the shortlist exhibition has taken place the prizes will be awarded. 

If work has been Shortlisted and selected for the exhibition, The Artist gives permission to Tebbs on a sole and exclusive basis to offer the exhibited artworks for sale throughout the exhibition period through various channels unless specifically authorised in writing by Tebbs.

The cash prizes are given to the winning artists after all Terms & Conditions are adhered to, and within 14 days after the Prize Giving Ceremony on the shortlist exhibition private view.

If you feel you have not been treated fairly after your acceptance of these terms and conditions of entry, please send us details of your complaint and we will endeavour to review it and respond within 30 days to

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