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Views From The Boundary Layer

Emma Yorke Solo Show

15th June- 14th July 2021​​

‘Living within the boundary layer prolongs the window of opportunity for growth.’

Robin Wall Kimmerer

This body of work has grown out of many years of walking, wild swimming, collecting and paying close attention. Often revisiting the same sites over many years, and drawing on scientific data, memory, embodied experiences and the writings of others, Emma offers her own views of the places she holds dear. Working with photography, painting, cyanotype, stitch and repurposed materials, each piece intertwines multiple stories learned through head, heart and hand. Presented here in digital form, these pieces have been re-imagined for the digital space, offering something connected to, but materially different from, the original work.

The physical work is viewable at the Gardens Gallery in Cheltenham (11-13th July) or by

appointment with the artist.

Human Mind

15th May- 14th June 2021

​​Human Mind is an international virtual exhibition where artists are called to explore the theme of the human mind.

Artists exhibiting are:

Wendy Alber/Aziz Anzabi/Yvette Appleby/Kostis Argiriadis/Alejandro Borges/Sophia BreschiAgostina Cerullo

/Sue Challis/Kate Crumpler/Scott Culley/Manuel Dampeyroux/Hannah Debson/Maureen Gillespie/Diana Green/Pinar Gursoy/Maria Hall/Liliarth/Martina Martin/Asia Nowicki/Jemimah Ogboru/Julian Palmisciano/Erica Pham/Francesco Ruspoli/Peter Smith/Ruth Stirton/Alexandra Thompson/Helen Thompson/Tal Waldman & Fiona Morehouse/Emily Woodruff



​​Movement is an international virtual exhibition where artists are called to explore the theme of movement.
Artists exhibited were:

 Maximilian/Franziska Ostermann/ Liliane Camier/Mary Harrison/Sally de Courcy/Ernest Compta/Catherine Phillips/Ulya Korol/Christina Wigmore

Mafalda Figueiredo


Within the process of making a piece, Mafalda applies pressure to the layers of paint to retain various textures that are then highlighted within the materials. As her works progress, scale begins to take place in her practice, allowing the audience to have a larger view of her works, almost as if they have enlarged the works themselves to focus on certain aspects of the pieces. Inspired by rhythm, Mafalda also takes inspiration from action painting. Using her body to create a piece, Mafalda skilfully, moves her feet allowing the inks to move along with her, creating forms of composition, making it possible for the audience to view the works with no restrictions as to what it is, or meant to be, leaving it to the audience to connect and understand the works. In addition she also takes lighting and space into consideration for each piece. With light being an important component, she explores a non-traditional way of printmaking, allowing the audience to enter a space of stillness.
The process of the work is as much a focus of my practice as the final outcome. It involves movement and flexibility and overall, it is a performance piece in itself. Using wet mediums, mainly diluted acrylic paints and inks, I have been able to create a unique method of printmaking. By applying pressure to the layers, often as a whole of body experience, the chosen material retains textures that are then highlighted within the works. Additional materials such as sand, linseed oil and glazes are used to create intensity and explore different finishes.



Science and Art is an international virtual art exhibition where artists were called to respond to the theme ‘Science and Art’, with 50% of exhibiting fees donated to Samaritans. The exhibition includes works by artists Martin King, Frippery, Minna Kokko, David Lunt and Laura Hogan.

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