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Featured Artist of The Week: Adam Shaw

Our featured artist this week is Adam Shaw.

"Adam Shaw is a contemporary artist based in the Northeast of England specialising in portrait, figure and still life realism. The work is driven by challenging how we perceive and observe the nude in the post-modern, situating the figure back into the exterior landscape and interior dwelling. He describes his work as having elements of ‘Intertextuality’. He is always looking in the past, present and even the future, influencing style and technique, commenting upon many different painting traditions. Shaw works in various art mediums but works explicitly with oil paint to capture an expressionistic outlook. Consistent themes of the human form translated through colour, objects, and portraits of the body express movement on a large scale."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Study Dazante, 2021, Oil on Canvas paper, 10 x 7" inch

E.M I - Woman in Motion, 2021, Oil on wood panel, 12 x 7" inch

E.M II - Woman sitting on ground, 2021, Oil on wood panel, 12 x 7" inch

E.M IV - Woman Dancing, 2021, Oil on wood panel, 12 x 7" inch

E.M V - Horse in motion, 2021, Oil on wood panel, 7 x 12" inch

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