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Featured Artist of The Week: Golnaz Jebelli!

Featured Artist of The Week: Golnaz Jebelli!

"Golnaz was born in India to Persian parents. She has lived and worked in Sweden, Iran, France and Switzerland prior to moving to London. She studied Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design in Paris and also holds First Class LL.B and LL.M. degrees in Law. She now lives and works in London. Golnaz mainly works with private clients receiving commissions for children portraiture and has previously also worked with businesses to create illustrations for London based fashion brands."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Jules (Inner Child), 2021, Oil on Canvas, 42x50cm

Jules and I have had many walks through the Cotswolds fields. Talking about life, music and meditation. This portrait was born from that relationship. It is based on a photograph of Jules and his sister when he was about 3 years old, and it brought out many special memories. Jules is now in his 70's, but the Inner Child in him is still very much alive.

Charlotte (Inner Child), 2021, Oil on Canvas, 50x42cm

Princess Charlotte went to Nursery School with my daughter. During this period I got to know her character and energy. I made this portrait of her based on a photograph which captures her presence and awareness through her gaze and body movement. Although my paintings may look ‘realistic’ or ‘figurative’, looking closely will reveal how I see abstraction in the smallest of areas. My lines (or brushstrokes) are free to appear anywhere – an attempt of making the unseen visible.

Sanaz (Inner Child), 2021, Oil on Canvas, 50x42cm

This is a portrait of Sanaz who is now 44 years old. It is a kind of meditation; sending love through the time and attention given to that image. A translation of the Persian words written on the right hand side of the painting would read: "Break the chains lurking in the shadow".

Baluch Girl (Inner Child), 2021, Oil on Canvas, 50x42cm

Gold ornaments and jewelry are important aspects of the tradition for Baluch women and girls. And as seen here, often attached to chains fastened to the head. The Baluch women also have a strong tradition of dancing and singing folk songs, stemming from the pre-Islamic era. This child lives between heaven and earth. Lines of Life, 2021,Oil on Canvas, 50x42cm We live in an age when our society is very much focused on fighting age and ageing. In contrast this painting is a celebration of and an embracement of ageing. Something we cannot fight. It is an acceptance of the reality of life as being ever changing and transient. Through an explosion of colours, each line and mark in this painting represents the life of this woman. It is a statement that life is beautiful whatever the age and she acts as a reminder of that for all (ageing) women.

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