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Featured Artist of The Week: Jean Edmonds!

Featured Artist of The Week: Jean Edmonds!

"I followed after my older brother alot; pretty much everything he did I would mimic in some way.

He drew, I drew. I can't really explain what happened as we got older, but I believe I definitely

delved into the arts more. It's all related, all forms of art, in one way or another. It's all connected

in an endless flow like a river. I love to express my emotions through color, especially with a

song off an album I'm into at the moment. Singing helps me in expression as much as

sketching, printmaking or painting does. Whatever colors come to my mind when I hear a

particular song, I can't wait to get them out on paper or canvas. They are temporal in how

quickly they fleet, like our emotions. Capturing one's feelings is like waiting for the right moment

to snap a picture, a once in a lifetime opportunity that must be seized at the right time. This is

what, I believe, makes an artist, in one way or another."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Eternal Hearts, 2021, Digital painting, $70

Eternal Hearts is a part of a digital painting series using a sketching app.

Love is an eternal feeling as well as a decision; the past, present and future are all

separate but still one. I wanted to convey the feeling of oneness to the viewer as well as

transparency. Knowing your past can help you better understand your present and

therefore offer assistance in deciding your future to an extent. The colorful stripes

represent that time is ongoing and endless, constantly moving forward and that love can

be joyous and wonderful. The black outlined hearts represent that though love cannot be

seen, it is extremely vital, causing our souls to be ever changing with emotion yet still

ongoing with time.

Ferns, 2005, Photography, $50

Ferns is a photo of a leaf patch taken in a park in Piscataway, NJ. It was a

part of a project for my Photo I class. I attempted to capture the ferns in lighting that

would show off their lush green hues and bits of yellow from the sunlight. The time was

around 4 in the afternoon, and the sun was beginning to set. The best time to have taken

this picture, I believe, in which many various colors had the chance to mingle with one

another, and create a playful dance for the viewer's eye, an escape into nature's simple

but beautiful bliss.

Man in Subway,2 007, Printmaking (Lithography), $260

Man in Subway is a multi-colored lithographic print. It depicts a man who is

about to depart on a journey. The colors ascend from a dark brown to yellow starting

from the center all the way out, symbolizing darkness into light all in color, making a

somewhat mundane trip, whether to or from home seem quite the opposite. Alot of life

can seem monotonous and boring, depending on how it's perceived, otherwise certain

moments can seem and be quite adventurous, if you permit it.

Kaleidoscopic, 2005, Sketching/Drawing (Pencil & ink), $190

Kaleidoscopic is an original textile design. My attempt was to create a sort

of a stop-motion look, conveying a playful and animated theme throughout. Tools used

were # 2B pencils, a 12" ruler, a stencil, a freeform stencil and Sakura ink pens.

Two Hands, 2007, Printmaking (Lithography), $375

The first piece, "Two Hands," was done using the relief printmaking method

lithography. It begins with me first tracing one hand and then tracing the other

overlapping the first. Carving the outline of my hands to create negative space, I then

decide on the hues of a dark red and purple. The theme I attempted to convey was that

of a primitive feel, almost like caveman drawings. I want the viewer to also sense the feel

of ' togetherness' and nostalgia, beckoning for simpler times.

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