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Featured Artist of The Week: Ranjit Sagoo

Our featured artist this week is Ranjit Sagoo.

"I am a self-taught artist with a preference for working in pastel. I am a realism artist as I intend to create imagery that one can not only visually and emotionally connect with, but also creates a tactile interaction for the viewer. The subject of my work is wildlife and nature as I am fascinated by the wonders of the natural, uninhibited world. There is a purity and innocence in animal behaviour and interaction and so much character and presence, that this should be celebrated through art.

Although I had an innate talent for drawing and an eye for composition from a very young age, I chose a different career path in medicine following another fascination in understanding the human mind and body. Now a GP Principal serving my local community, my daily art requires empathic understanding and a clinical and diagnostic acuity. Although medicine had taken precedent, my passion for a pencil and paintbrush has continued to grow and flourish.

The amalgamation of the experiences of my life as a doctor and artist, my art is an exploration of human nature in a natural, visceral form. I draw a connection between human behaviour and emotion and that seen throughout the animal world to the effect that my art is perfect blend of these. Human emotion and behaviour expressed through bold animal imagery. The challenge is to make my art speak the emotions and feelings it is trying to portray so that the viewer can create both a visual and emotional connection with it. "

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Patience, January 2021, pastel on paper, 59.4x84cm, £2750

'Patience' was the first of the series and features the reflection of the unsuspecting capybara in the eye of the patiently waiting crocodile. It depicts how the crocodile awaits in a serene confidence for that perfect moment to strike, almost as if the assumed outcome is inevitable. On the other hand, the capybara goes about its daily routine unaware of the ever-present danger imminently unfolding, not knowing that potentially its time draws nigh. The bold, contrasting blacks/blues with the yellow really bring out the intricate detail in crocodile skin.

Mesmerised, March 2021, pastel on paper, 59.4cmx84cm, £2750

"Mesmerised' features an inquisitive mouse, almost being drawn into the gaze of the python. The python, which sits calmly, waiting and watching, as the busy mouse allows its curiosity to lead it obliviously into danger. The green tree python was chosen because the richness of colour and detail both in its scales and the iris of the eye would really come to life in this picture.

Stalker, February 2021, pastel on paper, 59.4cmx84cm, £2750

‘Stalker’ is a piece which features a wolf coldly staring at it’s prey, an elk. Stalker being the key term, depicts just that: the wolf - measured, calculating, precise – almost enjoying the thrill of stalking its prey. The elk appears to have seen the wolf and the image captures that exact moment that the two have made eye contact leaving the elk in a state of stunned paralysis. The texture of the fur especially with the whites and greys, with the icy whites and blues in the eye, lend to cold atmospheric feeling of the environment and intentions of the hunter.

"3 pieces of work from my current series entitled 'Predator/Prey'.

Each piece from the series is meant to capture that precise moment before the predator attacks its prey: that adrenaline fuelled ‘fight or flight’ moment, with the intention of creating a visual and emotional connection with both the predator and the prey. There is conflict of highly contrasting emotions depending upon the viewpoint: the predator – so assured, so dominant, so calculating; or the prey – innocent, unaware of the impending danger or frightened if they have seen what lies ahead. This conflict of emotion intends to leave the viewer asking questions of what does lie ahead? When does the predator know and feel the moment is exactly right to strike? Is the prey blissfully unaware of the predator? Will the predator succeed? Will the prey be able to escape? How does the prey escape in that moment of sheer fright and terror? "

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