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Featured Artist of The Week: Shveta Maini

Featured Artist of The Week: Shveta Maini!

"My mixed-media abstract art is fuelled by my memories and the emotions intertwined with those memories. These memories could be sparked by colours, shapes, smells, textures, even sounds. I find nature particularly inspiring: the exuberance of a spring sunset; the pungent scent of eucalyptus boughs; the gentle lapping of warm tropical waters... Sometimes it could just be a momentary, fleeting feeling.

I suppose like all art, at its very core, what I'm seeking to invoke is that very primal of things – especially in today’s fragmented world: a connection; a feeling of belonging. No doubt borne of my straddling of two homelands – India and the UK – one in which I was born and grew up; and one in which I’ve made my home and grown to love.

But like any connection, art can't be forced. It must be given space to grow and evolve. To be.

Which is why I approach my “blank canvas” as just that: no preconceived notions, no defined structures, no thematic boundaries. Colour is my emotional gauge and I let it boldly steer each of my artworks' narrative. I allow each piece to intuitively unfold, spontaneously wrapping and unwrapping layers, slowly revealing itself in all its textural complexity. This organic, freeform process – usually done in one sitting – is infinitely liberating and deeply intimate. But does the piece resonate? I wait and observe in different lights and settings. Layering textures, tweaking colours, adding subtle deliberate touches where needed. When there’s no more urge to change anything, I know the piece is complete for me. It’s now time for it to resonate and compellingly connect in some way to someone else. Till then, I pick up my paint brush again..."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Beneath, 51x61cms, Acrylic on Canvas, 2021 £445

Sping Awakening, Acrylic on canvas, 12x32", 2020, £320

Washed Away, 100x100cms , Acrylic on Canvas, 2021, £655

Hope and Reflection, 51x61cms, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019, £445

Golden River, 51x61cm ,Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019, £445

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