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Featured Artist of The Week: Urakov Bakhtiyar!

Featured Artist of The Week: Urakov Bakhtiyar!

"I am Urakov Bakhtiyar, born in Uzbekistan. Since childhood, I have been fond of drawing. I studied at the Art Institute in Uzbekistan. Impressionism is a new technique and a new look. This drawing method has always inspired me. I draw in different genres and styles. In my paintings, you can find portraiture, landscapes, still life and other thematic paintings. My paintings are my life, which I inspire and create as an artist. I paint mostly with oil paints. Art for me is pleasure and inspiration. I try to write non-standard and varied. I depict on canvas my feelings, emotions, inspiration, and attitude to the world around me. This is how I turn my work into art. How I see the world is how I perceive it. Painting for me is an endless source of inspiration and joy. In my paintings, I share my impressions. The beauty of nature and the world makes me create interesting, voluminous paintings. Creating a picture is something new, valuable creativity. All my paintings have their own history. I do not limit myself to anything when I paint pictures. Creativity is love for everything you create. I am always in search of creating unusual, extraordinary paintings and I will be glad if everyone likes my paintings.

I draw in different genres and styles. All my paintings have a special meaning and original stories. I know all the nuances of colour, painting and composition. "

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Space is time, 2021, Oil on canvas, 125cm x 70cm

The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 2021. This picture is connected with the history of Uzbekistan. The picture symbolizes the relativity of temporary space. A person is a part of the whole, which we call the Universe, a part limited in time and space. There is no space and time, but there is their unity. Time is wholly a sequence and nothing else; space is wholly a position and nothing more. We humans are bound to time and space.Time is accelerating, but we do not notice it, because we are accelerating along with it. The space is shrinking, but we don't notice it either, because we are also shrinking. Space and time not only influence everything that happens in the Universe, but they themselves change under the influence of everything that happens in it.

Under the wings of an angel, 2021, Oil on canvas, 60cm x 80cm

The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 2021. The painting depicts a mother protecting her children. When we love someone very much, we protect them. We ourselves are each other's guardian angels in the world. We are connected with those who are dear to us on earth. Every parent is a guardian angel for their children. A mother's love protects her children from evil. Mother's love is omnipotent, primitive, selfish and at the same time disinterested.

Ringing, 2022, Oil on canvas, 100cm x 80cm

The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 2022. The picture shows the footprint of a man in the moon. The picture is called "Ringing" because sound does not propagate in space. A person is always studying, studying, researching, flying into space, launching various spacecraft into space. He conquered space. Even before humanity is the task of mastering not only the near-Earth space, but also the rest of the bodies of the solar system. I think that the further exploration of outer space and the improvement of "space" technologies plays a big role for mankind and is capable of solving not only space, but also earthly problems.

Meeting, 2020, Oil on canvas, 110cm x 85cm

The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 2020. Through the picture, I convey a meeting with relatives, friends on holidays. Everywhere you can feel the festive revival, fun. Bright colors help to feel the atmosphere of joy and relaxation, especially after the pandemic. We must appreciate life and enjoy every beauty of it. May there always be joy, health and festive meetings.

Conductor, 2022, Oil on canvas, 74cm x 56cm

The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 2022. Winter is a very spiritual time of the year, because the stronger the frost, the warmer people become to each other. Winter is a time of miracles, fairy tales, love, warmth, new expectations. Even severe frosts are good, because they are the ones who teach you to love and appreciate the warmth and comfort of your home. The presence of a snow cover on the street lifts the mood and makes it festive, inspires the artist. All seasons are beautiful and have their own beautiful landscapes. Peace and quiet, the beauty of the winter landscape inspired me. Like crystal nature, wrapped in snow, it looks great in winter.

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