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I’m Liliane Camier, i live and work in Gentilly close to Paris, I’m a painter, and colour is the guide line of my work to express my feelings and my sensations.

I started by abstract painting

Colours were in front of me, I was impresssed by the interaction between them, how it can change their shapes, their sizes, I was deeply moved about that.

I felt it very deeply.

I reminber, I was in countryside near Roussillon in South of France, the ground and the sandy cliffs were yellow and red, purple violet and the green trees were greener than anywhere else.

It was as an other planet.

Nature became my theme in 2008, with leaves, trees and landscapes.

My research finds a path somewhere between abstraction and figurative description.

My interpretation of Nature rests on all my body’s sensations, all my feelings about what I see and where I am.

I walk up and down regions, making sketches of their topography and some details of plants, in my studio I work from sketches and memory.

Then follows the forgetting phase as a dreaming place, on the flat canvas spaces become subliminal

Liliane Camier

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