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Featured artist of the week: Frippery

Our featured artist this week is Frippery, who is also exhibiting in our virtual exhibition 'Science and Art' 15/01/2021-14/02/2021.We chose Frippery because her enquiries into our relationships with the cosmos as we understand it challenges what we think we know.

Frippery explores our innate understanding of truth through investigative making in a multi-disciplinary practice. Through attempting to look at the world through different eyes, Frippery explores how the notion of "truth" is different to everyone

Selected artwork:

"The project: "Gallivanter - Making Space" As it is difficult to visualize space from Earth, Frippery sent out the Gallivanter probe to report on the elusive Planet 9. The existence of this planet has long been the subject of speculation amongst scientists, as its gravitational effects could explain the unusual clustering of orbits for a group of objects at the edges of our Solar System. Combining information on different planets, Frippery’s work paints a picture of what this strange world might look like. The Gallivanter project is both a hymn of praise to - to Frippery unimaginable - space travel, as a question about its surrounding communication. Through a mix of inaccessible places, abstract concepts, data visualization and various visual languages a story with mythical features arises. Can we base our understanding of reality on this?

This year Frippery made a trip to Planet 9; a virtual expedition into the unknown in which the distinction between fact and fiction, science and art are fading. Frippery gives viewers of het work the opportunity to be in two minds and let this doubiety remain without judgment. For this project Frippery researched hoaxes, with “credibility” as the main topic. She is fascinated by theories about the moon landing and wondered whether she could stage a space expedition, using equipment and techniques available in her surroundings."

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