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Featured Artist of The Week: Glen Mendes!

Featured Artist of The Week: Glen Mendes!

"Glen Paul Mendes formally a self taught artist decided to change career and entered art school in 2012 which focused his creative potential into photo illustration,his new project “Drawing a line “is actually a look back and a move forward into new painting works it refers to nostalgia family walks in woodland and seaside activities, it is as much as saying who am I as it is also hinting at the parable of journey it’s an adventure in time space and place, where being there is experiential ,produced by an eclectic mix of technology and traditional art methods Glen muses that he can get lost in the process of making and being."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Lines2, Acrylic on wood board, £140

Lines3, Acrylic on art board, 20cmx20cm, £240

Lines4, Acrylic on wood board, 25cmx25cm, £240

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