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Featured Artist of The Week: Kateryna Bortsova

Our featured artist this week is Kateryna Bortsova.

"At present time Kateryna Bortsova is a painter – graphic artist with BFA in graphic arts

and MFA. Works of Kateryna took part in many international exhibitions (Taiwan, Moscow,

Munich, Spain, Macedonia, Budapest etc.). Also she win silver medal in the category “realism”

in participation in “Factory of visual art”, New York, USA and 2015 Emirates Skywards Art of

Travel competition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Pieta, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 100x50x2 cm, 140x90x2 cm, 100x50x2 cm, 3000 $.

Description: Pietà, as a theme in Christian art, depiction of the Virgin Mary supporting the

body of the dead Christ. The Pietà was widely represented in both painting and sculpture, being one

of the most poignant visual expressions of popular concern with the emotional aspects of the lives

of Christ and the Virgin. So in my artwork I show contemporary interpretation of this theme.

Censored, 2017, Mixed Media (acrylic on canvas, collage), 60x90x2 cm, 1020 $.

Description: Cover art of The Central Dissent: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality, the

University of Central Oklahoma, USA.

In this artwork I turn to the problem of prohibitions and censorship in modern society. The

mass media space creates a fake reality around us, as if it were sweet candy. But thereby

overwriting important topics and censoring our Internet reality.

Dance of life, 2020, Oil on canvas, 120x200x3 cm, 6750 $.

Description: This work was made during time spent at one of the Canarias Islands. This

Island situated far from touristic places. So I made this work being in double self-isolation – one –

official quarantine; second – geographical and social distance. In this work I displayed allegory to

our life; her cyclic recurrence.

Selfie. Vanity Fair, 2020, oil on canvas, 260x160 x3 cmcm, 6000 $.

Description: Modern society is permeated by a virus of self-admiration. The apogee of this

disease was expressed in general selfie-addiction. What does a modern person do when he or she

sees a non-standard and sometimes dangerous situation? He is in a hurry to help, no; he

photographed it on his or her gadget.

Hunger. Desire, 2020, oil on canvas, 140x90 x3 cm, 4600 $.

Description: Original oil painting on canvas. Surreal composition which describe modern

consumption society.

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