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Featured Artist of The Week: Natalia Millman

Featured Artist of The Week: Natalia Millman

"I am Ukrainian British conceptual installation artist.

My work investigates the fear of ageing and the stigma of dementia.

It has grown out of my personal experience of loss, after my father recently passed away within months of being diagnosed with dementia. I have spent the past year in my studio making work to understand how he must have tried to make sense of the world though confusion and realisation of inevitable end. I wanted to share my family’s story about this tragic disease. I have looked at physical changes, the effect of dementia on the brain, grieving process, memory loss, social barriers that segregate the old and versions of afterlife. Having produced these pieces, I now aim to raise awareness and support organisations who assist the elderly affected by this disease.

Much of my work is constructed from material found on building sites which I give another life modifying its past function. What I find resonates with the feeling of care and support for disappearing and unwanted.

I moved to London from Ukraine in 2001 and have been a part of Insight school of Art since 2013, having recently joined their Studio Fridays. I regularly exhibit at Art Fairs, solo or in group shows and pop-up exhibitions.

In Summer 2021 I will be representing Arts4Dementia at the Affordable Art,Fair. I am part of St Albans Art Gallery Collective and exhibiting my latest work,in St Albans Museum in July 2021."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:


Fragment of Her Skin

Tender Stroke


Burnt Out

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