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Featured Artist of The Week: Sahar khaleghi!

Featured Artist of The Week: Sahar khaleghi!

"Looking to the past and its connection to the world today has always inspired me to create my works so that I can give the audience the opportunity to better understand the world today by connecting with the past. As a woman who has spent most of my life in Iran, I want to use a combination of modern and historical references to open a new window of creativity and to explain and express the power and position of women in cultures through art."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Apkallu and Ugallu, 2017, Mixed media on cardboard, 30x42cm

“The subject of this project is Mesopotamia myth illustrations according to Lorestan bronzes. This project deals with the design of the characters of the gods, goddesses and divine beings of Mesopotamian mythology. According to an in- depth study of Mesopotamian mythology and their adaptation to Lorestan bronzes and discovering their connection, I have tried to show this connection by using Lorestan bronze motifs on the characters I have created. In the images, it has been tried to show the integrity of the characters of the gods with all their features as far as possible.

CORONA VIRUS ARMY, 2020, Mixed media on cardboard, 30x50cm

Dancing Day, 2019, Mixed media on cardboard, 30x42cm

In today's world, where there are different people with different insights and attitudes, “How can we live together peacefully?” Obviously, under the shadow of kindness and peace, we can live peacefully, by sharing this kindness. This image is a display of happiness and peace of today';s people who, although different from each other, have kindness and empathy in their hearts.

Death Shadow, 2021, Mixed media on cardboard, 100x70cm

I have seen a lot of women who were without a shadow, and the power of struggle has

been taken away from them, they have become like the earth which has shouted in silence.

The roots of the tree of doubt are ingrained in them and their delicate bodies have been

crushed under the burden of oppression and injustice and they are the result of patriarchal

societies. Communities in which men hide their lies and oppression under their wise hats.

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