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Featured Artist of The Week: Shereena Habib

Featured Artist of The Week: Shereena Habib!

"I am a self-taught artist based in London, UK. Throughout my childhood, I have always been creative and having more time at home during the pandemic, i have been able to rekindled my love and passion for art. I started painting in 2020. I first submitted my artwork to galleries and artists' open calls in 2020. Since then my paintings has been selected in a number of physical and virtual exhibitions across London, United Kingdom and Europe.

I mainly paints on canvas/art paper/wood using bold acrylic colours. I use acrylics and tools for its technicalities and versatility and as a visual expression of my character. I am inspired by the vibrant and ever-changing colours of nature, from spring to summer, autumn to winter and the rich beauty of culture and everyday life. I enjoy painting nature, wide range of cultures, landscapes, abstract which are generally inspired by everyday life and my travels.."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Vibrant Queen in Paradise - acrylic on canvas, 11.7 x 15.7 inches. Year 2021. £200.

Tribal Queens - acrylic on canvas, 11.7 x 15.7 inches. Year 2021. £300.

Black Girl Magic - acrylic on wooden cardboard, 11.7 x 16.5 inches. Year 2020. £180.

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