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Featured artist of the week: Martin King

Our featured artist this week is Martin King, who will also be exhibiting in our virtual exhibition 'Science and Art' 15/01/2021-14/02/2021.We chose King because his video art allows us to contemplate how our being impacts the world around us in an interesting and contemporary way.

King is a performance artist who uses sculptures, drawings and audio works to make the audience think I an immersive way.Using green screens, King transports himself into an alternate reality to contemplate complex current issues of the relationship between the environment and humans.

Selected artwork:

Martin King, 2020, Manmade to Nature, 1.28

"Manmade to Nature was created combining an animated drawing of King with science videos from Prelinger Archive and sounds from Sound This video art comments on the fact that the actions we take as humans have an effect on Nature and unless we change this, nature will be badly affected."

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