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4 Pack Sennelier 6 Soft Pastel Box Set

4 Pack Sennelier 6 Soft Pastel Box Set

SKU: s03-132288

This set includes: Spring countryside, winter mountain, seascape, emerald sea


  • The name Sennelier has always been associated with the softest cakes in the world.
  • The intensity of its color and its velvety touch have been appreciated by artists since the end of the last century.
  • Unlike other pastels, Sennelier pastels are made from 100% pure pigments, giving maximum lightfastness; no clay, binders, or fillers, so even a light stroke delivers a strong, powerful line of brilliant color.
  • They are so concentrated and velvety that the lightest touch produces an even, vibrant line of pure color.
  • Plays of subtle shadows and the softest tones are made possible by the fact of its high-quality composition, which enhances the value of the media.
  • They are lightfast enough to hold color for centuries.
  • Order processing time is 1-3 working days.


    Shipping to the UK takes between 1-2 weeks, however most customers get their supplies within 7 days.


    Shipping internationally takes between 1-4 weeks depending on location.


    If you need supplies by a certain day please do contact before ordering.

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