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56 pack 15ml Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Inks Water Colour

56 pack 15ml Dr. Ph. Martin's Radiant Inks Water Colour

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Radiant Watercolour Dyes are not lightfast nor waterproof, and are best suited for sketchbook work or work intended for reproduction. The colours will fade with exposure to UV light, such as sunlight or fluorescent light. Work will be given some protection if placed under UV resistant glass, plexiglass or UVA acetate.

Radiant Watercolour Dyes can be made permanent on fabrics such as silk or cotton, for batik or tie-dye techniques, when used with additives such as salt and vinegar, alum, or soda ash (calcium carbonate). We strongly advise making a test piece first to check the washability of the dye on your chosen fabric.

Mixing Radiant Watercolour Dyes with heavy body acrylic has been known to improve lightfastness and make them waterproof, however prior testing is advised.

For lightfast archival watercolour use Dr. Martins Hydrus Fine Art Liquid Pigment Watercolours.

• Brilliant Concentrated Watercolor Dye
• For Brush, Pen, or Airbrush
• For work intended to be reproduced
• Cartooning, Manga, Anime, Illustration, Graphic Arts
• A range of Brilliant Concentrated colours
• Conforms to ASTM d-4236 AP approved NON-TOXIC
• Use on Paper, Illustration board, silk with additives

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