Christine Jukes

Cotton sheet, wool blanket, cotton thread, wool thread



The A5025 is the road that runs through my village- it passes my front door. It’s the road I take to go anywhere off the island and the road that leads me home.


I used the line that the road takes through my village as the initial, central, machine stitched line. It was then echoed with further stitch lines.


The top layer of sheet was eco-printed using leaves from my back garden. The sheet and wool blanket represent my bed- a haven of safety and somewhere I spent a long time after contracting Covid-19.


I embellished the piece with French knots- I enjoy the repetitive motion of hand stitching, it allows my brain to relax.


Red signifies the A5025 being the main transport artery around the island.



As an artist I explore and experiment with stitch. I find the repetition of hand stitching both meditative and relaxing. I enjoy working with natural materials and dyes. I feel a connection with their basic qualities. I believe that wool, cotton, and linen hold strong links to the past. The process of spinning, weaving, and dying form the foundation of my art. My work is concept driven and process lead.

A 5025 Llanfachraeth

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