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Ashtray Original by Erika Silverman

Ashtray Original by Erika Silverman

SKU: 070

Plastic beads, nylon thread


Created from over 200 seed beads this work plays on everyday items, the cultural objects that exist in our periphery and humour of materials.  The petri dish evokes images and themes of growing, ruminating just as thoughts can grow and ruminate over a coffee in a cafe or a cigarette in an ashtray. 


  • Erika Silverman from Philadelphia, USA, lives and works in Glasgow, UK.  Drawing inspiration from pop culture, throw-away culture, archival materials and the recognisable.  She focuses on film and textiles aiming to subvert things that are recognisable into things that are equally luxurious and grotesque. Mostly finding inspiration from curb-side detritus that feeds into our experience of the world, our identity and pop culture.  



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