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Bob Ross Floral Oil Paint Set

Bob Ross Floral Oil Paint Set

SKU: BR12-6470

Bob Ross Soft Oil Colours are luscious, pigment-rich colours with a soft, smooth-flowing consistency, perfect in tone and texture for floral painting. Like the other Bob Ross Oil Colours, Bob Ross Soft Oil Colours are non-toxic and can be mixed with other colours.

Bob Ross colours are an excellent choice for artists who are painting in the same style as Joy of Painting host Bob Ross. This range of Bob Ross artists’ materials has been exclusively designed to create beautiful oil paintings using the successful wet-on-wet techniques made popular by the late leading TV artist Bob Ross.

Bob Ross products are part of a unique system that help even complete beginners to create realistic landscapes, animals or flowers in oil within a few hours. The system uses a special, slow-drying primer ideal for wet in wet techniques, special brushes and painting knives, and a comprehensive range of instruction manuals and videos.

  • Order processing time is 1-3 working days.


    Shipping to the UK takes between 1-2 weeks, however most customers get their supplies within 7 days.


    Shipping internationally takes between 1-4 weeks depending on location.


    If you need supplies by a certain day please do contact before ordering.

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