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Broken world, broken time Original by Cara Jackson

Broken world, broken time Original by Cara Jackson

SKU: Time24

Lino print/mixed media

8x8 Inches


This piece is a lino printed image of the world with a clock printed on top of it. The image is distorted by a large collaged chasm and smaller holes and gaps created with acrylic pen, marker pen and foiling. The image represents the damage being done to our world and the fact that time is running out to save it. The world is not completely distorted or destroyed symbolising the hope that remains and the time left to make a difference and save the world.

  • I aim to be an inclusive artist making work that
    engages all the senses and is accessible to people with or without disabilities or conditions such as dementia. I make lino prints and embellish them with different techniques such as foiling, embossing and collage. I include a variety of textures and often add sound clips and scents to my work to enable people with low vision or lower cognitive functioning to find a way in to experience the themes of my work. I am inspired by nature, the world around me and the way in which people experience the world. I have worked with disabled people for many years and am now combining that experience with my art to bring nature, animal themes and landscapes alive in a new, accessible way. Sensory Creations

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