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Buttons of life Original by Teri Turner

Buttons of life Original by Teri Turner


Buttons, copper wire and wood

91.5cm x 91.5cm


This piece has been created from buttons given to me by dear friends and family or my own collection.  Each button has a story and a place in each person’s life.  Some are vintage and were Grandparents, Fathers and Mothers buttons.  Some were new and modern bought for a recent project but not needed so put away in a box.  The closer you look the more you see different shapes, styles and colours, a basket, a fish or sparkles.  I wanted to present the buttons by bringing them to ‘life’ utilising a tree to form the illusion of growth, life and abundance too. I would love to think that people would want to touch it, move branches to discover new unseen buttons and style it slightly differently making it interactive and move.


I am a mixed media artist based in Plymouth in Devon.  I have spent my entire life being involved in some sort of creativity and I think that is why I love a wide variety of different types of creativity from painting to sculpture and everything in between. When I was 45 after being a creative for many, many years I decided to go to university to study a B.A. in painting, drawing and printmaking.  Having done this, I became an art teacher thoroughly enjoying encouraging beginners into the art scene, helping them discover their inner artist and/or creative.  Watching their confidence grow over the time they are with me is one of the best feelings and being part of their journey is a complete honour.

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