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Daylight Endings Original by Katie Crossland

Daylight Endings Original by Katie Crossland

SKU: Time10


8x8 Inches


The moon is fascinating. It controls the tides and symbolises the end of the day and the
beginning of the morning. Its beauty is unparalleled and timeless.

  • I am a mixed media artist that doesn’t want to be trapped in a creative box.
    I use my artistic practice as a way to let go of control and explore freedom and living in the present. By putting my feelings onto canvas and letting my emotions and hands take over, I often enter a flow state and use any tools and colours within reach, creating vibrant mixed media paintings full of depth and release. I enjoy using colours outside of the mundane and powerful subject matters to capture the viewer’s attention. Catalyst wedges, high flow acrylics and big paint brushes are my favourite things to use, as each one brings the opportunity to create impulsive movements and marks. I rely on them to create backgrounds and then pull through colour values and shapes at a later time in my process to develop detail. By using more fluid and uncontrollable mediums such as spray paint and high flow acrylics, I am able to accept my materials in their natural state, use any “mistakes” I make and create uninhibited pieces that demonstrate the beauty of experimentation over perfection.

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