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Distorted Reality Original by Jemimah Ogboru

Distorted Reality Original by Jemimah Ogboru

SKU: 020

Acrylic on canvas


This is a depiction of a building through the reflection of a fountain. The whole idea for this piece was to show that things are not always as they seem. When we reflect on past life experiences, they are never as the experience happened. We may skip some details or we may not remember everything in full details. That is what this painting is all about, picking a point in reality and painting it from a distorted view.


The power water has to turn things from rigid to flexible also plays a role in my decision to make this painting. When we view everyday objects in a different light, they seem more intriguing to the human eye due to the fact that these occurrences don’t happen all the time.

  • Jemimah is a Level 6 fine art student at the University of Herefordshire. She enjoys working with oil paint and lino cutting, however, she enjoys incorporating to explore other media in her practice.



    Instagram: @cookiedough_art

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