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Don’t Use Your Intellect against me. Original by Bobby Madrigal

Don’t Use Your Intellect against me. Original by Bobby Madrigal

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Oil on canvas on board


The scene in the painting is while a girl is about to have her neckless fastened, the women fastening is telling her to watch how she is perceived by a man. The title is taken from a scene from a play by Ella Hickson - Swive. And the conversation between Elizabeth 1 and her guardian/step mother Catherine Parr is criticising her for her behaviour around Thomas Seymour.


  • I am looking forward to equality for women.

    I am absorbed by our progress away from patriarchy - while highlighting the language

    women sometimes use about other women - which damages this movement.

    I am philosophically and artistically focusing into these conversations and the language from

    the point of view of a young girl listening.

    Where are these scenes and moments?

    What’s being said?

    Is she absorbing judgment?

    The titles for my paintings are inspired by and given to the painted scenes from important women's literature, film and documentary.


    After my illustration and art teaching dried up in late 2019 I took a plunge. I changed my artist's name to Bobby Madrigal. Studied oil paint techniques and absorbed influences of Dutch painters, feminist authors of fact and fiction . Over the18 months I've made over 40 paintings and written a short story. These inspirations are weaving around each other building momentum for the “Inhaling” project. I have had my first solo show at the Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton and continue to work deeply in this enquiry of womens language around adolescence.



    Insta @bobby.madrigal

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