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Flump the Galapagos Penguin Original by JLR.PETPORTRAITS

Flump the Galapagos Penguin Original by JLR.PETPORTRAITS



Flump the Galapagos Penguin, 2023

15 x 13 cm (h x w)

GBP 140

Coloured pencils on Fabriano artistico hot press water colour paper


Hi, I am Hannah and I'm a pet portrait artist based in east Scotland. Ever since I could pick up a pencil I was drawing; they weren’t good but its why I do art today. As I got into high school, I proceeded to take art and design as a subject where I gained the Dale D Smith award for art and design.
I originally created this business back in 2021, where it was named HannahScottAnimalArtist however, in 2023, I decided that I wanted to take this seriously and figured it was time for a rebrand which is how JLR.PetPortraits came around. In February of 2023, I lost my childhood dog to health issues. JLR.PetPortraits is based around that same, special dog. Her name was Lucy and she's the reason I started my business which is why it was so important she was included in the name. The J and R stand for Jack Russell Terrier which was her breed, and the L stands for Lucy (her name). This rebrand is all about her and I want to make sure to show the connection between people and their pets as I know just how special and unbreakable that bond is. These are one-of-a-kind drawings created to last a lifetime bringing animals back to life for the ones they mean the most to. 
I have always been passionate about animals and use my art (and photography) to show that passion. I have done a lot of previous work with animals and understand just how important they are. As well as my dog, I have previously worked with other animals behind the scenes. I worked on a farm with goats, donkeys, chickens, ferrets, tortoises, and everything in between. Beside art, I pet sit on the side, anything from fluffy, barking animals to small scaly ones, I work with them all. My whole life revolves around those special creatures and my art is just one of many extensions of that.


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