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From Grandma’s Button Tin Original by Jennifer Mallory-Welch

From Grandma’s Button Tin Original by Jennifer Mallory-Welch


Acrylic paint, buttons

7 x 5 inch canvas


My work, “From Grandma’s Button Tin” is a realistic depiction of buttons and sewing notions scattered on a surface. The image creates a feeling of nostalgia in recalling past childhood memories. The need to replace a lost button on my father’s shirt would have my mother reaching for her sewing needles, thread and the old worn blue cookie tin that held buttons, snaps and other clothing fasteners. I loved scooping up the colorful buttons in my hands, feeling them sift through my fingers and hearing the metallic pings as they dropped back into the container. I would repeat the process over and over until the repeated rhythms would annoy my mother and she would ask me to stop. I enjoyed watching and learning from my mother as she would lovingly sew a new button in place, adding a few extra stitches to ensure its attachment. The satisfaction I would see from her, derived in making something usable again, inspired me to also learn such practical skills. This eventually led me to learning decorative needle arts such as cross stitch and embroidery. I credit my mother for introducing me to a life-long love of working and creating with my hands.

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