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Gliding (Sanguine Earth) Original by Pamala Carr

Gliding (Sanguine Earth) Original by Pamala Carr

SKU: 045

Oil pigment sticks on canvas


‘Gliding’ is part of a series of work reflecting on the flow of subtle energies that influence us and the world that is all around us. Colour itself is energy waves which change with the light and I explore these subtle energies using the transience of colour.


To compliment these energies, I coaxed this more dynamic diamond shape from the 10cm square of canvas we were offered using water and size.


  • Fleeting moment of ‘being’ and the transience of colour and reality.


    The world around us is formed from fleeting moments of ‘being’ and reality in the subtle energies around us that influence every aspect of our aliveness and our experience of ‘reality’. I explore these subtle energies, moments of being and reality through the transience of colour, light and touch.


    Through paint, using touch and colour, I reflect upon the fluidity and connections between my senses of being; the subtle energies around us; light surface and space; and how all these fleeting moments come together to create some sort of sense of reality.


    My sense of touch gives me a sense of ‘being’ in the world. It bridges the vastness of the inner world and connects me directly with the outer world. Colour exists in the light on a surface it is not the surface itself. Using the paint from soft pigment sticks I apply colour directly with my hands building the story and a sense of reality in layers of translucent colour, enjoying the direct connection between the inner and outer energies. Using the transience of colour and reality to touch and connect with fleeting moments of being.


    Insta/ FB: pamelacarrart

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