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Ironing Basket (4) Original by Anna Tompkinson

Ironing Basket (4) Original by Anna Tompkinson

SKU: 051

Medium format negative, cyanotype, cotton fabric


Ironing Basket (4) is one of six analogue images depicting a pile of laundry in the artist’s home. The images were taken utilising a Mimiya C330 on Ilford HPS 120 film, which then printed utilising the cyanotype process onto cotton fabric. The series of images depicts the artist’s ironing basket filling up over a series of days. Tompkinson’s work explores humanity throughout domesticated objects and environments; the ironing basket reflects a portrait of her household through the pile of clothing they have worn over the days prior. Creating work that reflects daily life and activities provides the artist with a platform to explore and gain a deeper understanding into her humanity and lifestyle.



  • Anna Tompkinson explores humanity through domesticated objects and materials; examples of these are bedsheets, curtains, towels, and clothing. Producing work as a multimedia artist, Thompkinson’s practice utilises both mediums of photography and sculpture. She aims to capture a sense of domestic relatability throughout her body of work; allowing the materials she uses to convey a sense of her daily movement. Thompkinson hopes that her work would encourage the viewer to reflect on their own domesticated objects and environments; thus, allowing an insight into how their surroundings may emulate and echo themselves. 


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