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Journey into the unknown Original Sculpture by EMMA COLE

Journey into the unknown Original Sculpture by EMMA COLE



Journey into the unknown, 2023

GBP 575

Air-drying clayAcrylic


My art revolves around exploring the connection between people and wilderness, showcasing often overlooked aspects of local habitats. I am driven to ignite curiosity, share knowledge, and forge bonds with natural spaces.

In many of my works, I combine the human form with elements inspired by surrounding local habitats, I explore plants, fungi, and animal life. Living in an urban environment, I am particularly passionate about developing environmental connection within cities, where the need for a relationship with nature is even more vital.

Materiality is integral to my practise, and I have been experimenting with a range of processes including moulding and casting, ceramics, ice sculpture, the use of natural materials, cob building, and air-drying clays, with the aim of utilising sustainable practices in my work.

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