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Kairos Original by Evi Antonio

Kairos Original by Evi Antonio

SKU: Time28

Digital painting, hand finished acrylic glazes

8x8 Inches


This artwork was created in response to the theme of time. Kairos is translated from the Greek word ‘Kairos’, meaning time. Like the moth is attracted to light, so is the soul attracted and drawn to Devine truth. Moths teach us that there must always be death for rebirth and growth to occur. Both personally and universally, I sense the wheels are in motion, a time of transformation and change.

  • My work is a conversation, an intimate dialogue with nature and my surroundings, both urban and natural. With a sincere and soulful reaction to what I see, bigger universal themes emerge. I strive to illuminate aspects of a subject that may go unnoticed. Looking closer and deeper, the truth can be revealed about our connection to nature and the whole universe, something that is evidently needed at this point in time. With nature and humanity at crisis point, I feel it is vital now we realise we are all connected and we need to look closer and pay attention. In a frenetic, world, nature teaches us harmony and I feel compelled to express this message through my art.

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