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Kopi by Caroline Forward

Kopi by Caroline Forward


Coffee & mixed media

297 mm x 420 mm


I love painting abstracted landscapes, capturing the energy and feeling of a place rather than realism. Coffee is such an interesting medium and I love how it interacted with the textured elements.
IG/FB/TT: @carolinebondart

  • I’m a mixed media artist from the Surrey Hills, inspired by water and all it symbolises. 
    I translate aerial photographs of our beautiful world into an abstract form using texture, glazes and ink to emulate organic rock formation and the fluidity and movement of the ocean. Each layer is created by drenching the surface with water and pigment, the depth and pattern of the paint only revealing itself when the water evaporates. There is an element of unpredictability to the process, and I love having to respond to each stage of the painting, rather than having a pre-planned outcome. Spreading pastes and dripping paint is a form of meditation, allowing me to slow down and mindfully create.

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