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Making wishes in the cut Original by Tina Culverhouse

Making wishes in the cut Original by Tina Culverhouse

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Canvas, ink, steel and wire


I have made paper cut outs since childhood and have woven through my practice. This piece was made with the idea of bringing my steel structures and the paper-cutting together through the canvas project. The colours and materials are indicative of my wider practice.


  • Born in London in 1969, Tina Culverhouse graduated from the London art school at Middlesex Polytechnic in 1991. Influence from tutor’s including Tansy Spinks, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Vincent Woropay and visiting tutors including Jo Spence and Helen Chadwick formed strong conceptual ideas across disciplines at this formative time resulting in an experimental practice including sound, spoken work, writing, performance and installation. Culverhouse’s main focus lies in the tension between the body and the material she is working with. The space between the verbal in her writing and the non-verbal in her artwork holds this void, a tension between the negative and the positive, haptic, visceral and non-held, contained or escaped relating to her own body within the work. Working across traditional disciplines, Culverhouse uses ritual, performance, video, image collection, writing and drawing as a core to generating work. The studio work emerges from the process at photography, installation, sculpture, painting and print. The works are often in conversation with one another and immersion, performative making and seriality in the process is a key element of the practice. Culverhouse has re-established this experimental practice in the last few years and is due to graduate with a master’s degree from UH Creatives 2019-21.


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