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Murky Reflections Original by Coral Williams

Murky Reflections Original by Coral Williams

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Tea, paper, ink, pencil


The images I have produced are microscopic versions of black mould which represents depression and anxiety I once experienced and have overcome. Living with mental health can be very difficult. Creating this body of work was both painful and therapeutic.


The materials I have used to colour the paper have symbolic meaning. I used tea to stain the paper which signifies all the tea people have made to help me feel better! The dark ink was pressed into the wet tea to cause a mould effect stains. Dark washes were added to denote the days and the patterns of psychiatrists’ cards. The pencil marks represent the emotions and recovery, with the repetitive action of making the marks becoming satisfying, soothing, and therapeutic.



  • I am a mixed media artist/maker and I create artworks that convey a moment in time. I tend to use imagery and colour schemes that are pleasing to me, and my work is based on narrative and imagination.


    My roots and connections play and enormous role in the work that I make.


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