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My early morning (-coffee-infused) artist mind by Nicola Barth

My early morning (-coffee-infused) artist mind by Nicola Barth



Mixed Media

25 x 17 x 13 cm

  • Nicola Barth is dealing with permanent metamorphic processes in non-obvious areas. Her work can be understood as an insight into a temporally and spatially limited development process section. Sculptures and manipulated photos complement painting and drawing mainly in oil. The content follows the same principle and is as abstract and surreal as her paintings. There is indeed a world behind this world. And it's constantly moving. As a philosopher without words, she tries to make milk glass permeable.  The driving force of her painting is the gain of knowledge. She paints out of an inner dilemma: the impossibility of thinking the world through to the end. In other words: she paints what she doesn't understand but desire to understand.

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