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Nautical Twilight Original by JC Parente

Nautical Twilight Original by JC Parente

SKU: Time009

Acrylic and epoxy resin on plywood circle.

8x8 Inches


This artwork represents the time of day in which sailors are still able to reliably navigate the seas because well-known stars are still shining brightly and the horizon is still visible. A reminder that there’s always a light of guidance, even in dark times.

  • JC Parente attempts to visually communicate and bring into awareness the existential reality of a higher realm of existence. Having reached out beyond the limited scope of perception and by mapping that which lies beyond the confines of a solipsistic conditioned mind, he attempts to represent his experiences through art.
    By combining research and creativity with technical ‘making’, joining both theory and practice to explore the sublime, JC Parente attempts to translate abstract insights into mediums of sculpture, painting or video.

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