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Nude Pasture Original by Lucy Clay

Nude Pasture Original by Lucy Clay

SKU: 009

Acrylic Paint on 12x12 Duck Canvas


Nude Pasture stems from my personal short term time of being housebound due to my chronic pain. I missed the idea of being out in the greenery and so I brought it into my work. This particular piece expands on nature as being both a safe and gentle place to find yourself, exploring the world around you and your body; The female figure is, of course, nude and above all, in a state of tranquility and happiness. Above all, it is most important that we as people don't forget how natural it is to give ourselves the self love that we deserve.



  • I am a contemporary fine artist who is fascinated by working with realism which merges into the abstract domain. I enjoy working in a minimal colour palette, so that my pieces are cohesive and link together to tell a story. I have always loved capturing the ‘face’ of chronic pain and being a representation for people like myself, who want to be heard, but doing it through art; and I love capturing nudity in a non-sexual fashion because it communicates vulnerability and the rawness of being human. But alongside this I also have a passion for capturing the human form in segments to highlight the curves and little details an average eye would miss, which is where my love for line art lies. Overall my art aims to communicate the intimacy and interconnectedness between humans and our bodies which get tossed aside, especially those with invisible illnesses.


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