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One More Cup of Coffee by Bette Love

One More Cup of Coffee by Bette Love


Reproduction of the original using photographic paper (decorative only wouldn’t advise using)

10 x 12 cm


"One More Cup of Coffee" is a captivating beauty illustration that features a unique artistic approach using coffee and watercolour techniques. The illustration portrays the familiar Monday morning ritual of grabbing that much-needed cup of coffee on the way to work.
The artwork is created using a combination of coffee and watercolour, where the coffee is used as a natural pigment to create subtle shades of brown and sepia tones. I applied the coffee as a wash first, carefully controlling the density and hue to achieve the desired effect.
The artwork captures the essence of the Monday morning feeling - a sense of anticipation and comfort as one pops into their favourite coffee shop on the way to the office, which is often a much-needed boost to start the day and face the challenges ahead. The use of coffee as a medium adds a unique and unconventional touch to the illustration, that resonates with coffee lovers and those who can relate to the Monday morning routine.

  • As a fashion illustrator, Bette Love is particularly drawn to the captivating allure of beauty in fashion. Bette is fascinated by the way clothing and accessories can be crafted to reflect individuality, express emotions, and tell stories. Bette’s illustrations often depict models adorned in exquisite garments, accessories, and makeup, capturing the essence of style, elegance, and body confidence.
    Watercolour, with its fluidity and transparency, allows Bette to infuse her fashion and beauty illustrations with a sense of movement and vibrancy. Bette carefully selects colours and flowing lines to evoke the mood and personality of the fashionable lifestyle depicted in her artwork. Whether it's a flowing gown, a tailored suit, or a statement accessory, Bette aims to convey the beauty and artistry of fashion through her illustrations.
    Bette’s artwork is not just about showcasing the latest trends or designs, but also about celebrating the creativity, craftsmanship, and self-expression that go into the world of fashion. Bette believes that fashion is a powerful form of art that has the ability to inspire, empower, and transform individuals, and strives to capture the magic and allure of individual fashions in her illustrations.
    As a fashion illustrator using watercolour, Bette Love’s artwork serves as a visual narrative that speaks to the symbiotic relationship between fashion, beauty, and self-expression. Bette aims to inspire viewers to embrace their own unique sense of style and appreciate the artistry and creativity that goes into the fashion industry. Through her illustrations, Bette hopes to convey the joy, confidence, and passion that fashion can bring into our lives, while also celebrating the inherent beauty and elegance that fashion embodies.
    In conclusion, Bette Love illustrations are a fusion of her love for beauty, fashion, and watercolour as a medium of expression. They reflect her admiration for the intricacies of fashion and its ability to inspire and transform, while also capturing the ethereal allure of beauty through the transparency and fluidity of watercolour.

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