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Out of Stock Original by Charlee M. Piper

Out of Stock Original by Charlee M. Piper

SKU: Time25

Collage & mixed media/upcycled materials on plywood

8x8 Inches


Time is on my side, yes it is. We have time on our hands. We have time to spare. Time to kill. Time to catch up. Time to fanny about. There’s plenty of it; until there isn’t. Whether it’s your day, work week, life, a warranty, bills, the climate, the expiration date on that tin of sardines that’s been in the cupboard for how long? It’s there until it goes out of stock.

  • I am a self-taught, undisciplined, multi-disciplinary artist who specialises in linocut printmaking, watercolours, and textiles, amongst other occasional shenanigans. I create art because I have to. For so many reasons. I have to because I am able to express myself through art so much more succinctly than I can through words. I have to because I have an overactive imagination that needs an outlet. I have to because it calms the negative voices in my head. I have to because the world needs more art.

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