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Red-dy For A Stare-Down Original by NATASHA GIRDWOOD

Red-dy For A Stare-Down Original by NATASHA GIRDWOOD



Red-dy For A Stare-Down, 2023

GBP 65

Mixed Media


As a self taught pastel artist with a passion for capturing the essence of pets and wildlife, I first embarked on my creative journey by specializing in pet portrait commissions. My main aim was to breathe life into other people's cherished furry family members, capturing their exact personalities and spirit.

As my artistic horizons expanded, so did my fascination with painting the untamed beauty of the natural world. I embarked on a new adventure, venturing into the realm of original wildlife artwork. I wanted to convey the wonder and freedom of wildlife we're so lucky to have in this world all while staying true to their native habitats in my own way.

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